visual artist and performer

Vanishing Line

Notes to a performance presented at Laboratorio Arte Alameda. 2010

 I walk through the city, through streets that keep going and going all lined up and I can see the far end. At the same time I see cars passing on a side, on a straight line as well. Then I cross a bridge that takes me straight somewhere else, and while I am crossing I look down, I see the avenue, the cars, the “metrobus” passing fast on a line that turns small. At the same time there is an airplane in the sky, it goes on another speed, on a different rhythm. Everything occupies a different space-time, but at the same moment. I walk and, for a second, I feel as if the end is drawing away and I could not get to it.

 Thinking on Laboratorio Arte Alameda architectural design, more specifically the central nave of the church, I am interested in questioning the Christian concept of life as an upward line to Heaven and transition to Death. This endless race we all are part of even when we are not catholic. Run to beat time, like escaping forward, I wonder what influence does this have on our concept of Body in contemporary life?, What changes are we experiencing in our perception and understanding of space-time?

Is it that history has marked a profound and ingrained process of continuity? Or is it a gradual process? Or a persistent decline? Might it be the opposite, and it evolves into a series of dramatic stoppages? Or fragments of disconnected moments?

 The aim of this project is to work with different temporal stages, playing with the human body through architecture, based on the idea that architecture interacts with human expectations and behavior, shaping and leading our bodies. I am interested in exposing the body, both the performer’s and the audience’s, unto the monumental architecture of the nave of Laboratorio Arte Alameda. It is a direct confrontation with no extra elements besides our bodies, voice and drawing.

 Galia Eibenschutz