visual artist and performer

I am interested in the growth processes of life. Constant movement never ceases to surprise me: the endless struggle for survival and adaptation to the environment and to change, to the uncertain. Where there is life, there is transformation, and thus a constant struggle and adaptation to the environment. My work is based on a study of processes of transformation in nature as well as in the body; thus, it is directly tied to the creative process in itself as a process of transformation. This study is a continual attempt to figure out the body as process of adapting to the environment and moving through it as a search for bridges between inner and exterior space. In some form or other, my work refers to a living organism fending for itself in its environment, and to an environment that in turn changes and evolves like a gigantic organism.  

I am interested in recording the passing of time, documenting the sequence of movements that occur over a specific period of time.

Drawing lies at the crux of my work, and has always been part of my vocabulary: it is a thought process in which ideas come to mind immediately. Sometimes the drawing is the final product, but sometimes I also use the drawing as a catalyst or a way of understanding the processes of pieces that I show in other formats either as animations, performance or videos